Casual Play



Clubnights form the central pillar for the Warwick Chess Society. They are aimed to all members to play friendly games and enjoy a relaxed evening once a week. Clubnights run weekly at 7:00 – 9:30 pm Thursdays in the Oculus (OC0.02 for Term 1 2021-22).

During clubnights, we run training sessions, chess variant sections and announcements. We also usually have a quick trip to the pub for some drinks and games of pool. Come along. play a few games, make some friends and laughs.

Outdoor Chess

When the weather blesses us with some sunshine, we take advantage of it. We hold many events where we play chess in the outdoors for passerby’s and regulars to meet and play a few games, maybe even hustle! Stay following us on our social media to find out when and where on campus we might be.