Social Events

  • The Warwick chess hosts many social activities for its members. We do this to foster friendly interactions and a comfortable atmosphere for our members to explore each other’s ideas as well as simply providing a relaxing and well-deserved break from academics.
  • We have events aimed at providing a wholesome relaxed break. These tend to be non-alcoholic activities intended to improve the mental well being of our members. These not only make us better chess players, but more productive in our everyday work and life. If you’re ever in need of a break, find out if we’re have a social organized soon!
  • For those who like to play as hard as they work, we run events centered around nightlife. This is where the typical stereotype of a chess player is demystified. So next time before you take a trip to a club, check out if Warwick chess are heading as well!
  • Finally, sports! Regardless of we’re you stand on the question of “Is chess a sport?”, its hard to deny the large interest chess players have in competitive sports. As such, our society fields sports teams, such as football, to play friendlies against other societies or in the university league.