About Us

The Warwick Chess Society provides plenty of opportunities for chess players to enjoy, compete, and socialize;

  • We cater to all levels from those learning how the knights move to chess masters wanting to participate at high level competitions.
  • Support is highly valued in our society which is reflected in the numerous opportunities to both receive and provide support within the context of chess.
  • We pride ourselves on having a diverse and engaged body of members who give our society a welcoming, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our Sponsors

The work we do as a society could not be possible if it weren’t for our generous sponsors. Here are the company’s who currently sponsor our society

Optiver is a world leading market trading firm, based in Amsterdam, operating globally. Optiver's long-standing commitment to chess, and the University of Warwick, has been a huge privilege to Warwick Chess and our members - in particular, reaching our members with information on their grad schemes in trading, tech, and control. We are very proud to be sponsored by Optiver, alongside the likes of Super Grandmaster Anish Giri.

Meet our Exec

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