Our Events

We run lots of regular and one-off events throughout the year for Beginners to Masters. Don't miss our weekly Clubnight and Socials! Watch out for our flagship, Simultaneous Displays, in the past featuring Ameet Ghasi IM, Peter Batchelor FM, and Peter Williams CM!

Weekly Clubnights

Our weekly clubnights are for all members to play friendly games and enjoy a relaxed evening once a week, where anything from standard chess to exchange chess tournaments take place. Clubnights run during all three undergraduate terms of the year and are held every Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.00pm in the Meeting Rooms at the Student Union Headquarters (SUHQ) above the Rootes Grocery Store.


Clubnights are followed by an optional social at 10pm, where we play pool and have drinks at the Pool Tables in the Student Union.


1st CLUBNIGHT & FRESHER's FAIR: Week 1 Thursday 6th Ocotober, SUHQ 7.30pm




Apart from a light social after weekly clubnights, we have several drinking and non-drinking Socials each term, catering for eveyone.


Every year, we have several Laser Quest and bowling socials, ventures to Kasbah, Pop & Skool Dayz, and meals as a Society. We have also had joint socials with other Societies, which have been very successful.


1st Social - LOOK OUT: for our All-Player Tournament and Social Week 1 Saturday 8th October (2 Divisions: Beginners/Non-competitive PLayers & Competitive Players)!

Simultaneous Displays


Each year, we are proud to run Simultaneous Displays featuring high-profile Chess Masters. We have been fortunate to invite Ameet Ghasi IM, the incumbent British Rapidplay Chess Champion several times!


Our resident Chess Masters, Peter Batchelor and Peter Williams have also delivered an entertaining Tandem Simul Event - so, don't miss next one!